Japanese Notes – て form

みなさん、こんばんは🍊 Since last week I have started learning て form of verb, which brought this learning journey to a quite serious level. Unfortunately this week I have been really busy with work so didn't make much progress, but I will try to share what I have learned here. Firstly - why do we need て … Continue reading Japanese Notes – て form


Japanese notes – how to say ‘the most’ (superlative) in Japanese?

こんばんは😇~ tonight we are going to talk about the superlative form for adjectives 🙃in Japanese. This would probably be the last post on Japanease adjectives for a while. Check below index to refer to all the past posts: 🍐 Comparative form for adjectives 🍉 Past tense for adjectives 🍑 adjective basics 🍋 adjective basics 2 The superlative form is actually quite … Continue reading Japanese notes – how to say ‘the most’ (superlative) in Japanese?