Japanese class time! We will keep learning Japanese for daily usage... last week (actually 2 weeks ago) we learning the verb form - check the blog here. Today we will learn the expression for adjective い form. I deliberately seperate い form and な form as I'd like to group the latter one with noun.^^ … Continue reading JAPANESE NOTES – EVERYDAY JAPANESE – 2


Japanese Notes – Everyday Japanese – 1

This week I started learning everyday Japanese... as if what I have learned previously were all out of date language...💔 Actually not really. The ます form is used in formal situations (like news, or professional places when talking to your customers/ managers) to show politeness... it is like Sie form in German. Actually I find … Continue reading Japanese Notes – Everyday Japanese – 1

Japanese Notes – ない form – negative form for verbs

Welcome to Tivamoo's Japanese Tuesday again! As said last week I have finished my て form so this week I started my next lesson... which is ない form. Firstly I'd like to recommend that it's better to master て form (maybe do some exercise and practise as much as you can) before you start learning ない form, as … Continue reading Japanese Notes – ない form – negative form for verbs