Long time no update~

Hi guys it has been a while since I last updated, mostly because I moved to Sydney and life has become a bit busier than before…. due to all the housework etcπŸ˜‘

Anyway now that I settled down I will start posting again here. Probably not much on Japanese but definitely on life and reflections.


As some of you might know I changed my job in Feb and now work for Vodafone. The Aus company here is honestly very disorganised at least from Marketing side. I don’t expect to make drastic changes but would hope to do my best to make things better. The challenge is that the managers seem to be ok with the current environment which clearly is less ideal from employees’ perspective (we’ve got company’s last but one score in employee survey).

The other thing is around career development here. Again there doesn’t seem to be much opportunity to learn new things apart from convincing and influencing managers LoL. From both professional skills and processes Telstra is way ahead of Vodafone Australia, which makes me thinking about going back to T next year.


In most of the weeks I travel back to Melb every week to meet Jax. Weekend catch up is so ideal for us in my opinion as every time on the way to the airport we would start fighting… on any topic. So tiring.πŸ˜‘ Not sure how I would survive once moving back…. not sure how I survived in the past 12 years…😱

Sydney life has been going on well. There is no Internet at my place and I didn’t bother installing one so most of nights I would just read books, which is good. I might start book reviewing on this blog.😢

That’s all for now. Will update later this week.🧑


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