Japanese class time! We will keep learning Japanese for daily usage… last week (actually 2 weeks ago) we learning the verb form – check the blog here.

Today we will learn the expression for adjective い form. I deliberately seperate い form and な form as I’d like to group the latter one with noun.^^

い form is relatively easy. It’s pretty much just to drop the です in the end.


  • Present tense: いです
  • Present tense – negative: くないです
  • Past tense: かったです
  • Past tense – negative: くなかったです


  • Present tense: 今日は暑い。
  • Present tense – negative: 今日は暑くない。
  • Past tense: 昨日は暑かった。
  • Past tense – negative: 昨日は暑くなかった。

Hope it makes sense… I’ve got plenty of exercises which I haven’t done yet… moving slowly!!

Next week we will talk about な form and nouns… stay tuned!


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