Tasmania Trip – Bruny Island

Sorry guys I’ve been a bit busy this week due to my job change (and I am moving from Melbourne to Sydney) so didn’t really update much on my blog…. anyway let’s continue our Tasmania trip!

Video length: 1:07s

The video was taken on Bruny Island. The Island apparently is one of the most famous places around Hobart and a couple of tips if you plan to go there.

  1. it took us almost one hour to wait for the ferry to the island. Definitely plan your trip accordingly (spare at lease 1 hour for waiting time).
  2. I have to mention that the cruise had a lot of nice views but, But, BUT if you are easy to get sea sick…… I was almost half deaf after the cruise, and I’ve taken the pills before the trip.
  3. check out the tide times. We went when the tides were low so one side of the Neck Lookout was a bit dried out…. saying that though, during that time the beaches had a different feeling… see my cover picture of the video.
  4. If you see the weather not good, don’t worry. The cloudy weathers actually gave even better photos. I will post some photos.

Hope you enjoy the video and the pictures! ❤


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