Great Ocean Road trip – part 2

Happy Monday… well I am trying to finish this blog in 30 mins so that I can still publish it on Monday. ><::

This is the following up of my Great Ocean Road trip 1 (check here) with video clip. If you haven’t watched the video yet please~~~~ video length: 1:19s.

Now about the trip…

First of all as said in my last blog it’s a bit tiring to do it in a day. We left home at around 6:30 AM and managed to come back at around 11 PM… Jax said we walked 15000+ steps yesterday – of course he went a bit more than I did in order to pick up the wallet to buy ice creams…==::

The weather was around 25 degrees but it got colder at the sea. If you look at my outfit…. it’s BL♥︎♥︎DY COLD!! Anyway had lot of fried food to make myself warm. What a day! :/

Now – as we are going in summer (yeah 25 degrees summer), BE AWARE OF SNAKES!! I know I put capital letter and it’s because we met Dr. Snake – TWICE!! Far out!!! Sorry if I sound a bit freak out as I am really freak out… The snake is smaller than I thought though, and anyway I survived.☀︎

Below is the itinerary Jax made. We ended up being very behind the schedule… I mean, very very behind. Actually we didn’t even go to many places on the list, for example, we dropped Kafe Koala, forest walk and London Bridge… By the time we reached the 12 Apostles, it’s already 16:00 PM.


Top picks:

  • Marriner’s Lookout – plan for 30 mins
  • Gibsons Steps – plan for 1 hour
  • 12 Apostles – plan for 30 mins
  • The Arc – plan for 45 mins

More pictures!!♡


That’s all for the trip.

Tomorrow I will upload my Japanese notes and this week I am going to Tasmania… so stay tuned!!

Have a nice day~ and let me know how you think about the pictures~



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