Summary of て, ない, た form

Thought I have said Happy New Year yesterday so won’t overdo it… but just FYI in Japanese people say ‘おめでとう’㊗️ at festivals or birthdays.

Again my learning is progressing a bit slow due to the break, but I finally managed to complete lesson 19 and also did the review exercise for て, ない, dictionary and た form. The challenge is that on paper I am pretty good at everything but it’s hard to talk/ respond. My second challenge is that there has been so many new verbs to remember… 😨

Below is summary of the 3 forms. For details please read the posts~😘

て form – post here.

verb てください – Please do this.

verb てもいいですか – Is it OK to do something?

ない form – post here.

verb ないでください – Please don’t do this.

verb なくてもいいです – It’s OK not to do this.

verb なければならない – Must do this.

た form – post here.

verb たことがあります – Have done something.

verbたり verbたり します – for example, do this, and do this.

Hope it’s a clear summary.




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