Happy 2018!!

Sorry I have been missing some updates due to the holiday. We went to this cafe actually last week but couldn’t find time to update. Well thought most of you guys would be enjoying holiday so probably no one would watch anyway. 😅

Video length: 1:05 (it’s a very short one so make sure you watch it~💖)

Overall the place is very nicely set up (like most of the cafes so I don’t know why I need to call it out…😂) Anyway you know what I mean; check the video if you don’t know~

Matcha burger is one of the signature foods at the place. The matcha comes more in the name and the colour than the taste; can hardly taste matcha in it…. maybe it’s not a bad thing in the end.😳 The burger comes with mushroom/ beetroot/ pickles inside… well it sounds horrible but it is actually quite tasty. Last time I came to the place I ordered the same thing (and I am not a vegeterian).

When I post the pictures on WeChat most of people said it’s a big burger… hmm didn’t realise it when I ate it. But now that people mentioned it…. look I am pretty happy with the size, but it’s bloody hard to eat! 💔 I made a mess of the fillings and ended up eating the pickles by themselves. Well there is a reason why the fillings needs to be in the buns – because they are so sour 😨. Nightmare.😵

Overall it’s a good place for weekend catch up with family or friends. Here are some more photos.

Tomorrow it will be Japanese Notes again… Hoho~




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