How to delete a comment from WordPress

First of all sorry guys I haven’t updated for a while due to the Xmas break… Saying that thought I haven’t done much either – pretty much just seeing family and friends and not making much progress in my Japanese (bad!!)…

And now it’s Friday so really feel like I need to write something! These days some of my friends (yeah don’t look around I am talking about you~) asked me about how to delete a comment from wordpress. It’s a good question as it took me a while to find out too, and don’t know why they made it so hard.

Now firstly you need to to the admin page. For example my admin page is; so your page should be https://<username> If you are not sure about your username, it’s…. well then maybe find it out first. ><::

Tips: actually even if you type, it will direct you to the right page. 


Once you are on this page, it should look like above. I actually didn’t know I have got so many spam comments, interesting! It’s actually quite good marketing message and they could have made it stronger.

Now let’s go to comments.


And you should be able to see all the comments made on your post, and  your response too. Now once you hover over to a comment, the highlighted options will show up.


It allows you to delete or edit the comments. (Apologies for my very ugly strikethrough…) Surprisingly it seems that I can even edit the comments made by others. ==:: Maybe that’s why they don’t want to make it easily accessible.

And that’s pretty much it… now hey hope I don’t see my comments being deleted secretly. LOL~ I tried to explore other options on the page but most of them are available on the portal already.

Hope it helps~ I will try to update on Sunday and see you then!



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