Japanese Notes – Blend S (ブレンド・S)

My Japanese teacher is going back to Japan over Xmas so this week I didn’t have the class this week (well my blogs don’t write about the class anyway so I don’t know why that matters😅). Anyway I want to talk about an animation this week – ブレンド・S (Blend S)


Normally I am not a big fan of pure comedy anime or girl theme anime, but this one is quite funny. This (maid) cafe has 5 main girl characters, each with a role –

  • 苺香 (まいか), whose feature is… ドS~~~~~😀😀😀 苺香has a very… hmmm… special eye sight, which is like this. So he plays a S role in the cafe and always says things in an insulting tone… 😅 Apparently some boys quite enjoy it; hmmm~😉


  • 夏帆 (かほ), whose feature is… ツンデレ. I actually didn’t know this term previously, and it means someone who is really cold and condescending.


  • 麻冬 (まふゆ), who is a uni student but looks like a little girl. So her feature is 妹 (いもうと/ sister). So always greet customers like ‘welcome back brother~😘’


So those are the 3 main characters who have made appearance so far in the anime. It seems that there will be 2 more girls coming out but I haven’t seen them yet so don’t want to comment yet.

Oh and of course there are also 2 male characters (who are really neglectable😳). They are

  • ディーノ (Dino) – he is the store manager who came from Italy. Surprisingly in this anime the English are not so Japanlish (if you know what I mean). He is a fan of 苺香 and every time 苺香 talks his nose bleeds.


  • 紅葉 (こうよう) – he is the chef who likes 百合 (ゆり) and it means girl x girl love (maybe not love but.. you know what I mean☺️).


The anime was originally a 4 panel comic and made by A – 1 pictures. I think the last anime I watched from A – 1 was SAO (I & II). Last season they made Fate/Apocrypha but I didn’t like it so stopped after 2 episodes. 💔

I will probably finish this anime this week and if you have anything to recommend please leave it in the comment!!



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