Melbourne Museum Tour… but only the ground floor LOL

Because dad is a super museum lover, we went to the museum the second day upon his arrival… so I had 2 videos last week (check out the last one here on White Mojo cafe).

Video length – 1:28s.

Our trip –

It’s actually located just behind my office building and I didn’t know it!!😅 We went on a Sunday so got free parking on the road… lucky! 😘

The museum has 2 floors – ground floor mainly for the creatures,💖 which is what you can see from the video. The butterflies + animal collections are really impressive so have a look in the video~🦋 BTW I wanted to hide behind a butterfly and take a picture like ‘The Silence of the Lambs’~~ didn’t work well because of the glass reflection, sigh.😵


The second floor has more history stuff – which….. because it’s really cold❄️❄️ inside I didn’t go around too much…😆 Maybe next time I will go (with more cloths).

Most of my colleagues with kids at home have been to that place (and surprised that I haven’t been to there after being in Melb for 7 years). Now it seems that I have ticked a big milestone… well done😆😅

Well it’s just a very high level introduction but hope you enjoy the video (+ please subscribe to my channel for weekly updates~💖)



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