Japanese Notes – た form

Hello みなさん~ Tuesday again and Japanese time! Finally I managed to start my lesson 19. It took me a while to go through the exercises of lesson 18 but it’s worth it as dictionary form (辞書形) is very important. Check out my blogs here.

Lesson 19 is about past tense (or showing something has happened) – た form. The transformation of た form is the same of て form (but in my blog I didn’t touch too much onて form either😅). Again plenty of examples everywhere on that so today let’s look at some use cases only.🤩

Example (note that the transformation of た is the same as て):

  • I have done something (like experience something special)./ 私は verb たことがあります。
  • I have skied. /私わスキーしたことがあります。
  • I have played this game./ 私はこのゲームを遊んだことがあります。

It’s not 100% equivalent to ‘I have done/ tried something’… from the grammar it sounds more like ‘I have had experience in doing something’ with the focus on that something, if that makes sense…😆

Let me know in comments if you have any better ways to translate it!


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