Matcha Latte – White Mojo

First…. sorry guys I know I said there would be a post on Friday but it didn’t happen. Had to get up early to pick up daddy from airport so I went to bed early on Friday…🙃 anyway no excuse and I will make up for it 😘

Now that dad is here we went to brunch with him this morning. The place this time is called White Mojo and it has a special coffee – matcha latte, which I really love. Check out the video for more experience. Video length: 1:18s.

Official website:

This is a place I will definitely go back again. The decoration is very cozy and the staff are friendly too. I was impressed as we didn’t make reservation and they helped us get a seat which the guests wouldn’t arrive in an hours time.

Some more pictures💖 Matcha is very strong, so love it!

And more… my chicken burger is actually good. The bun is very soft and mex grilled chicken is, I guess, a bit healthier than the crispy one, though I wanted to try soft shell crab croissant to start with… maybe next time.😅

One good thing about having more people in brunch is that we can share and try more…🙃 like I tried the mushroom from big breakfast; of course the bad thing is that 3 people cost more. But let’s focus on positive side anyway~🤩

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