Melb cafe crawl – Left Field

Happy Sunday~ can you believe Melbourne is only like 15-ish degree today and it’s supposed to be summer!! Yesterday we have even experienced some serious heavy rains (which caused flooding in some areas)….😨😨

Anyway because of this weather I decided not to go to far today for my cafe crawl… and this one called Left Field is really close – literally 10 mins walk from where I live πŸ™ƒΒ but it’s rated 4.5 on Zomato… Check out the video to see how it’s like! Video length: 1:24s.

The coffee here is really good. I ordered soy latte and in some places the soy latte has a weird taste (like you are drinking soy sauce) but this place makes great latte. The right one below is my soy latte as you might be able to tell.IMG_3280.jpg

The food here is super healthy compared to the food from last time… check out my last blog on crispy chicken burger here... We have ordered some sauteed asparagus and sauteed lamb (and I don’t even know what sauteed means).. they are still from brunch selection and the lunch menu only starts from 12PM…Β 

Mine is all veg but it’s actually very filling… I left all the goat cheese over as I don’t like the taste but other than that, great dish!! I reckon the lamb is good too as Jax finished all of them when I was only halfway through.

I asked Jax to take some nice shots for me but apparently he didn’t go great work on this… and I know he would say I just look like this so not his fault… πŸ˜‘IMG_3274

Haha hope you like the blog and I am pasting more info on this place below – I really recommend this place if you are after something healthy!πŸ˜†

Left Field:

See you on Tue on my Japanese stuff~πŸ’–


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