Japanese Notes – dictionary form

I cannot believe it’s Tue again… These days I am a bit busy with my WeChat account and I started practising drawing from Wacom, both of which I will share in my Friday’s update. Anyway what I wanted to say is time after work goes too quickly and today’s topic is Japanese.

So these week I am learning dictionary form. Honestly as the name indicates, it’s like the original form of the word which you can find in dictionary. I am very curious why all the books start teaching from ます form and only get to dictionary form later.πŸ€”πŸ˜£

Anyway before we proceed – we have learned て form and γͺい form in the past weeks. You can find the blogs here:

With the dictionary form, similarly we need to change the last syllable of the verb. There are 3 main categories

  • Change the last syllable from い line to う line
  • Drop ます and change it to γ‚‹
  • きます→くる and します →する

Which verbs to what category needs to be remembered unfortunately and there is no easy way to do it. I guess my recommendation is again… read more and write more.😳

One thing I want to point out is that this dictionary form is used a lot. As far as I know for now, it’s used in

  • casual talking… (and formal talking we useます form).
  • dictionary form + こと as noun for verb (like -ing form as noun). For example: ι£ŸγΉγ‚‹γ“γ¨γŒε₯½γγ§γ™/ like eating (well I am not talking about myself!!πŸ˜›). This form is very useful, and I will give more examples on my next blog!😎

That’s all for today~

Oh and BTW I am reading NHK easy news these days and it’s very helpful especially for someone like me, who just started those forms. If you are learning as well, feel free to check it out!πŸ’–


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