Keep calm and love Tivamoo

HLrKsxEQhNot sure how much you know about this post but I really love the design of this post. What people know less about is that this post actually came from World War 2 as a post to encourage British people. Together with this poster there are 2 more created.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 9.29.14 pm.png

In fact the other 2 were widely printed and used in UK but the keep calm one was never publicly distributed at scale. The reason being that this post was designed to be released only after serious air raid but such thing never happened, which to some degree is a good thing.😀

What makes the post special is not only the wordings on the poster but also that Tudor crown.👑 I had a search on what a Tudor crown is and apparently it represents king and governmental authority.

The post was later found out in 2000 from a old book shop and that’s when I started my uni it was commercialised and printed on different products. There is even template now to re-produce the posters. 😅😇


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