Brighton beach boxes

Happy Sunday everyone! With summer time coming here (finally) at Melbourne, and (finally) it’s not raining now… I managed to go to the Brighton Beach Boxes today.😀😍

In case you are curious how the boxes look like – here you go. Video length: 1:01s.

Brighton beach is close to the city so it’s accessible but public transportation. If you drive to the beach and just come for photos, you can just park across the road. There are plenty of  free1P parking places but if you plan to spend longer at the beach, better to pay for the parking.

So I came just for photos.😆

There were some couples taking wedding pictures today… anyway this place has lots of colourful boat houses so make sure you bring a good camera!

Although Melbourne doesn’t have seas as beautiful as Sydney (yeah I am a bit Sydney fan LOL), it’s actually not that bad. Look at the sea in the back!💖🤘


Hope you like the pictures and the video! I hope I can get fit in the next couple of weeks and come here again with bikinis. 😎😜 I will post pictures again that time~


2 thoughts on “Brighton beach boxes

  1. Sheree says:

    I loved the beach boxes on Brighton and Mornington Beaches and while it’s true that Melbourne’s beaches are not quite in the same class as Sydney’s I did love those in Apollo Bay, Seaford and all around the Mornington Peninsula.

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