Japanese Notes – クズの本懐 (Scum’s Wish) anime review

This week I did my test on the て form and am about to move onto な form. Saying that though I am not yet ready to write a blog on this. So this week my blog will be about an anime I watched recently – クズの本懐 (Scum’s Wish).😘


Firstly this is not a new anime. The manga started in 2012 and the anime was released in Jan this year. It’s turned into a drama too but didn’t watch the drama yet – well I am that kind of person love anime as it can be more beautiful than the real life😝.

I wanted to start writing about it before I finish the whole series so that I cannot spoil.😅

It’s definitely not a normal love story. Last time I discussed with my Japanese tutor that there are lots of 不倫 (affairs) in Japan and this is one of those – it’s actually even worse than that LOL🖖… it revealed some dark sides of relationship, i.e. not every relationship starts for sake of love. Many of them are just because people are selfish, jealous (嫉妬 I remember it as it appeared a lot of times) or simply bored. But as long as people involved are on the same page, what’s wrong with it?😉

The anime is not a 18+ one but it has loads of those…. you know…. very… cough… scenes. 😍 Plenty of hugs and kisses.🙃


And yes… between girls too. Again I am not a big fan (I think I am super straight) but I think some boys like it,😅 which is weird.

images (2)

This anime is definitely not one of those comedy ones which you can laugh all the way through. Some of the monologues are a bit dark actually (but I like it hehehe👾); it’s very addictive and I stayed up till 3 to watch them, which is not healthy💔 and I probably shouldn’t do it again.

Anyway hope it all makes sense. I wish I could have told more😰 but the plot is quite complicated and again, don’t want to spoil or scare anyone off.😆💋 But I would rate it as one of the best stories I’ve seen this year.

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