Madman Anime Festival – cosplays and live shows!

Until yesterday I was seriously worried that I won’t be able to post anything for today… because I haven’t been to any events this week.😅 And I saw this one – WOW how can I miss this one – a festival of cosplay, live shows and games!💖

So here am I today – Madman Anime Festival @ Melbourne. Video length: 1:40.

The festival was really AMAZING! The cosplays💕 were all very high quality… Not sure how they made it, but it made me interested to do it myself too~~😵 😜 Maybe next year I will join the cosplay as it’s so pretty! But I reckon it’s very hard to do a nice one as you need to be, firstly good looking and in good shape, and secondly good at make up, and thirdly good at performing – now that I write it, I kind of lose confidence already.😶

One thing I love about this event is that it has lots of shops where you can buy those anime products… one thing I hate about it is that they are almost double the price. So I decided to buy them online and ship to Australia, which I can do anytime anyway…🙃


In the afternoon there were some panel/ talks from the producers. The one I went to was the Fate series producer and as you can imagine it’s so popular. The line for asking questions went all the way to the entrance.😵 It also proved that my Japanese was still really bad and I still had to rely on the translator…😴 Photos were not allowed so sorry no pictures…💔

What I do have are some pictures of me~😅😘 In the main venue there were some gallery from Attack on Titan, SAO and Your Name (and another one which I cannot recognise…LOL). So here you go!



Anyway hope you enjoy the pictures and post. It’s the first time that I have been to such event and it’s definitely a lot of fun!!

*****Please leave it in comments if you love cosplay too and if you have any tips on how to do it!*****

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