Japanese Notes – more about て form

I almost forgot it’s Tuesday again!!😱 So it’s 11:55PM now here in Australia; at least I have tried to get it before Wed starts…😅

Now another thing I have to confess is that I am still learning て form. But before you close this window – I do have more use cases for て form.

Use case 1: て form to show the sequence of actions.  For example:

  • I came back home, wrote my blog and then went to bed.
  • うちへ帰って、ブログを書いて、寝ました。

Note that in the て form, we don’t need to use the past tense. The tense is only used in the last verb.

Also if we want to emphasise the sequence, i.e. to show that the first action happens, and then the second action, we can use から.

  • I talked to my manager and then made a call.
  • 上司に話してから、電話をかけました。

Use case 2: て form to connect two adjectives. I am actually surprised that て form is even used in adjectives!!😵 It requires some small change in the form for い adjectives:

  • These shoes are cheap and pretty.
  • この靴は安くて、綺麗です。
  • These shoes are pretty and cheap.
  • この靴は綺麗で、安いです。

Hope they all make sense~ to find out more about て form, please click here



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