Japanese Notes – Princess Principal

Hello everyone – time for new post for Japanese notes. This week I’ve been moving a bit slow in my learning; even though I started Lesson 16 it’s still around て form so I will write another post when I have more content on this.

So today I want to recommend an anime – Princess Principal. It is from the July new releases; I have written about the other one last time so have a read here if you like: Love and Lie.


First of all – WARNING – this animation has a little bit girls love theme (well all the main characters are girls, so what can you do?) – but just a little bit on some of the words they say. If you are very offensive to this, it might not be the right animation for you. Otherwise keep reading!

Plot: in early 20th UK there was a ‘Wall’ (maybe associate it with the Berlin Wall) and spies from both sides of the wall were active. The main characters are all spies and each episode is a mission. Some of the missions are very impressive and touching! There is a main story about the Princess and Ange but I won’t spoil it, and I don’t think the ending is that clear anyway.

The first few episodes actually opened my eyes. It’s not only a spy story but also gives a detective feeling , as the spies need to find different clues and complete the mission. Lots of the details turned out to be clues later on, which was very smart. Again without spoiling, if you are anime lover and not too offensive against girls love, definitely at least watch the first episode!

On a side note, for the first time I got know the name of this – 鹿威し(ししおどし)!! I’ve seen it so many times in almost all anime but never knew the name~ apparently Japanese people use it in the garden to scare off birds/ deer/ other animals but I like the design a lot.


That’s all for this week and thanks for reading! Let me know if you have watched this anime too and how you think about it.

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