Healesville Sanctuary trip – koalas eating and dingos going around~

So… since we joined this zoo membership, Jax and I really go to zoos a lot!! 😘😀There are actually 3 zoos in Melbourne but this one we haven’t visited this year yet, primarily because it’s a bit of drive to get there🚙😣 … saying that though, it has all the local Aussie animals like koala and dingo.

Check a video of koala eating @ Healesville Sanctuary… video length: 1:40s.

Now let’s talk about this zoo!🐨

As said it’s quite far from Melbourne CBD (around 1.5 hour drive)… saying that though it’s quite close to the Yarra Valley area, which is the very famous winery area. There are also a couple of mazes and gardens around, so if you couple those places together it’s quite worth the efforts. I’ve been to one of the mazes before; actually the banner picture of me was taken from the maze.💖

Coming back to the zoo~ 4 things impressed me most from the zoo.

  • Koalas – needless to say; they are very cute.
  • Dingos – purely because they look so much like dogs LOL.
  • Lizards and snakes – I am quite scared of snakes; but somehow I cannot stop looking at them.
  • Birds talk – I went to this show last time when I went there too. They’ve got eagles flying across the arena so really amazing. My colleague went and loved too.

They have quite a lot of koalas in the zoo, and when I went there 2 of them were really active.🐨🐨 One even jumped from one branch to another (a very close one) and it’s really unlucky that I didn’t manage to take a photo of that~~💔

The best thing to do is to check the schedule online before you go. The zoo has ‘xx talk‘ stuff during the day and allows you to interact with animals. I really wanted to go to the dingo talk but it’s at 3:30-ish so didn’t stay that late.

Jax was quite interested to see ‘night animals’ which in my eyes were nothing but bats and possums…. although possums are common in Melbourne, some of them apparently can be rare species. Personally I am not a big fan though as they look like rats.

The eagle talk (or the bird talk; I cannot recall the name) was really cool. So you can feel the eagle/ owl dash above you very closely. There were some videos I got so scared that he would hit me😅; well at least I could feel the wind coming🖖

Hope you enjoy the blog and see you next week with more activities in Australia!

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