Pyjama fashion show at home – Rilakkuma and Totoro

Inspired by the Dior exhibition, I decided to share some ‘fashion‘ stuff this week…. but maybe some fashion in different style.

We bought those 2 pyjamas from China last year and they were super cheap but so cute. So we get a bit creative wearing them at home… and made two photos of ‘Rilakkuma Bullies Totoro‘ and ‘Who Moved My Yogurt?‘ Had great fun wearing this at home~ 🖖😉

And we’ve made some profile pictures too. Only I ended up using it as profile picture, for obvious reasons 😆😜. Jax was a bit unhappy💔 with the effect I made for the first picture, but he kept eating all the time!!

We wore this the whole night last night… until the dogs started jumping on me and got some dirt on the pyjamas, they might think we were just 2 other larger animals. The selfie stick I bought from China helped a lot in taking pictures; finally used it once since I bought it 2 months ago…. well worth it.😅😶

Anyway hope you can feel and share the laughters and new video coming up on Sunday so stay tuned!

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