Japanese Notes – て form


Since last week I have started learning て form of verb, which brought this learning journey to a quite serious level. Unfortunately this week I have been really busy with work so didn’t make much progress, but I will try to share what I have learned here.


Firstly – why do we need て form? From what I have learned so far, て form is used in

  • asking people to do something
  • asking for permission
  • using as -ing tense

Let’s look at some examples:

  • asking people to do something
    • ちょっと待って。/ Wait a minute.
    • この本屋の前 とまってください。/ Please stop in front of this book shop.
  • asking for permission – verbてもいいですか。
    • ここに座ってもいいですか。/ May I sit here?
    • まどをあけてもいいですか。/ May I open the window?
  • using as -ing tense – verbています。
    • 私はブログを書いています。/ I am writing blog.
    • 犬は寝ています。/ The dog is sleeping.

Now I am not going to touch on how to change the verb to the て form as there are lot of table/ instructions online based on both ます form or 辞書 form. Basically as you can see from above example it requires some transformation (and I haven’t mastered it yet).

Learning this form actually opens a new space for me. Previously I was struggling that after some learning there are still so many things I cannot understand when watching drama or reading, but this form appears to be one of the most used verb form so I can now understand a lot more. Also lot of other forms follow similar rules of transformation so knowing this helps me figure out other verb forms too.

If you haven’t learned て form yet, I will strongly recommend you to start picking it up. It requires some practice to master it and let me know if you have any tips for me!

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10 thoughts on “Japanese Notes – て form

  1. locksleyu says:

    Nice post! A few minor corrections:
    この本屋の前 とまってください ==> この本屋の前にとまってください
    まとをあけてもいいですか ==> まどをあけてもいいですか

    Liked by 1 person

    • tivamoo says:

      yeah I realised the まど thing this morning when I re-read it LOL… have corrected it~

      The first one I actually have thought about it and I am not sure if I should use に or で and that’s why I skipped it altogether (thought it might be OK to leave it out as casual way?)… thanks for the comment!! 😇

      Liked by 1 person

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