The House of Dior

Thanks to the company I work for, this week I went to the House of Dior exhibition exclusively for the staff… we actually had to enter after the closure of the gallery to make it exclusive (well this sounds a bit dodgy🤐), but lucky we are at summer time these days so by the time it finished, it’s still kind of afternoon – kind of.

Here is how the exhibition looks like. Video length 2:38s.🖖

First of all I am not a fashion person. I mean I buy those nice dresses, bags and wallets but I’ve never managed to appreciate those ‘designer works’. Hence as you can tell from the thumbnail, some of the dresses are a bit beyond my understanding. But I guess these are dresses not designed for daily uses anyway.

OK negative feelings aside, it was a quite impressive show. A lot of dresses are still very pretty, for example below ones.🙃 The only thing is that if it’s on me, probably on one would believe it’s from Dior – hey that’s why I take these pictures from the House of Dior as evidence, right?


Actually I like one of the collections a lot.❤️ See below. From memory it’s from some youth collection. I know it sounds like I just randomly made this up but no~~~ as it’s a company event it’s a very well organised guided tour, so each collection was well explained. But in order to wear this, I need to be first in good shape and then rich, or the other way around but doesn’t matter as I have neither of them anyway. SAD.😨🐽


Why the tone starts a bit negative again?!😳😵 Let’s have a look at our lovely colleagues and the special venue to cheer this blog up. So this is how we are guided; it felt quite good that the whole venue had only 20 people in there… I’ve seen pictures during the day and it’s all packed.


Let’s finish the blog by looking at some hat and shoes collection. To be completely honest, I find the hats are very…. funny.

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