Guilty Crown and Persona 5

So it took me a while to come up with this thing.

I am definitely not a professional drawer (actually I could have enjoyed my work better if I were), but I love Love LOVE watching Japanese manga and animation a lot… this character is from Guilty Crown – I watched that animation a couple of years ago and was really impressed.

I am not sure if I should colour it… Maybe I should – at the worst I just draw another one. Stay tuned on what happens to this drawing!

On a side note – Jax bought for me a cosplay dress for Persona 5 (which I stopped playing as I was very bad at the battle system and Jax had to help me out every time)…

The dress actually fits me well but as you know if you watch those Japanese stuff, hair matters a lot!!! Unfortunately I don’t have the same hair… maybe I should have a picture and chop the head and feet off (as I don’t have shoes either). Or maybe not as it sounds a bit horrible now.

I will post something next week with the cosplay thing (as this week I’d like to show off my drawing and focus on that hahaha)~~

Leave it in the comment if you have any experience/ suggestion on the cosplay!


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