Japanese Notes – I want to say I want to…

Hello everyone, my Japanese blog is back😘 (after almost 1 month break😎~). Saying that though if you are interested in my Japanese trip, please read here:

Today I want to talk about how to say ‘I want something‘ or ‘I want to do something‘.

  • なにがほしい – want something
  • なにをしたい – want to do something

So you can think ほしい as an adjective like ‘like’…. hmm you know what I mean.😅 There are plenty of such usage in Japanese, for example:

  • 私は宇治が好きです。(I like Uji.)
  • JaxとMapleは雨が嫌いです。(Jax and Maple hate rain.)
  • パパは料理が上手です。(Dad is good at cooking.)
  • 私は新しい携帯がほしいです。(I want a new mobile phone.)

I find this type of using adjectives very special. Maybe I will do some research and make a post out of it from linguistics perspective.😝

Me with a deer at Nara

Now that we know how to say ‘want something’, we can pick up quickly how to say ‘want to do something’. It’s very easy –

  • ます form => drop ます=> add たい.

Small story – I actually learned this before I went to Japan trip. During the trip I actually used ほしい to express that I want to do something, and the girl kindly corrected me that I should use たい. This was so impressive that I don’t think I will ever make the same mistake again. It also firmed my decision on getting a tutor here to talk to rather than only take class. Anyway coming back to examples:

  • 私はこの本を読みたいです。(I want to read this book.)
  • 犬は遊びたいです。(The dog wants to play.)

For both above 2 words, the negative form is the same as い adjective. So change from い to くない (and similarly to past tense and negative in past tense).

  • なにがほしくない – don’t want something
  • なにをしたくない – don’t want to do something

Hope it all makes sense. 😇

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9 thoughts on “Japanese Notes – I want to say I want to…

  1. locksleyu says:

    One minor comment, while “なにをしたい” is correct, sometimes depending on the situation it may be more natural to use が instead, as in “なにがしたい”. For example,


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