Tivamoo in Japan – my little shopping haul

Cannot believe this is my last blog of this ‘Tivamoo in Japan’ series🎉, and cannot believe I made 9 blog out of a 8-day trip…🐽 if you haven’t read the rest, please~~~ find below index!


I have actually bought more stuff but some of them are for tax free purpose so I won’t show them off😆. What I want to display today are more ‘Japan only’ stuff, and a lot of them are re-purchased items (so really highly recommended products!).

Let’s have a look!💖


I’ve bought a ball pen and a pencil from Japan. I love the pens from Japan because they have those 0.38mm pens🖖, which is not easy to get there in Melbourne (well you can still, but the options are very limited). I also got a pencil because I want to practise drawing a bit (and I will share it in another blog~😉)


Those 2 cards were bought in Tokyo and they are 浮世絵 (pictures of the floating world). The sakura one is for me and the yellow one with cats is for JP, and I just forced him to take it with him to the office today🍇~ I am always amazed by how artists can present the world in such a simple but sophisticated way… if you know what I mean. Please also check out my Hokusai exhibition tour~


Now cosmetics – firstly make-ups~~

  • 2 CANMAKE cheek products. Both of them I have used up before. If you ask why I have bought 2? Because they are very cheap, and super easy to use. It’s also because I don’t have good complexion so have to rely on it a lot.
  • 2 RMK foundations (though I only included 1 in the picture). It’s the first time I use this foundation and it DIDN’T fail me at all~ I bought 2 because they come in a traveller package at the airport. I will give another review on all my foundations in another blog.
  • 1 TATTOO eye liner. Again it’s a re-purchase. It’s the best eye liner I have ever used – the other heroine eye liner from Japan is also very good. Among all the products I have used, I would rate: TATTOO >= Heroine > Dolly Wink > all other brands (like Lancome, Chanel blahblahblah). It is super lasting, no smudging and very opaque colour.


Then other beauty products:

  • 2 packs of Meiji collagen power. I have been having this on and off for a while (drink it with honey in the morning twice ~ 3 times a week.) Compared to the months when I don’t have it at all, my skin is greatly improved.🍎 But I don’t want to over use it (that’s why I avoid using it every day😅); 2 packs can go for around 4 months.
  • 2 packs of Kanebo Suisai (face washing powder). It’s the first time I have used this, and it works very well 💕(though I’ve heard mixed feedback from others). It cleans my face very effectively.
  • 1 pack of LuLuLun face mask. Again it’s a re-purchase.🙃 I’ve used probably 3-4 packs of LuLuLun face mask. They are very moisture and good for daily usage as basic skin care.
  • KAO foam hair colour. Again it’s a re-purcase. I don’t do a lot of hair colour so cannot really comment much (due to lack of comparison)🤐. I love this only only because it’s very easy to use; it colours hair like shampoo and doesn’t make a mess.
  • Eye mask. Well it’s something I’ve never used before…. and now that I’ve got it, I am too lazy to use it. Let me start using some time and I will share a review.



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