Tivamoo in Japan – having Japanese ramen in Japan!

Hmmm I didn’t know it’s public holiday at Melbourne today otherwise I might have taken another 3 days off to make my holiday 6 days longer!!πŸ’” Poor planning~~

Anyway, let’s see if I can finish my blog series in the next couple of days!πŸ˜† Please find the index below and hope you enjoy the content~😘

  1. Hep Five
  2. Himeji
  3. Kimono experience
  4. Kinkau-ji
  5. Uji
  6. Night tour of Inari shrine
  7. Eating ramen in Japan (this one)
  8. Speaking Japanese in Japan – frequently used words and some thoughts
  9. My shopping items from Japan (this might or might not happen; let’s see~)

I didn’t try those famous ramen places in Japan (like Ichiran or Tenkaippin). There is a ‘Ramen Road’ @ Kyoto station and that’s where I had mine… twice~🍜🍜

Video length: 1:37s.

One of the big difference is that, in Japan people order ramen from a vending machine. With more and more tourists these days, most of the shops now has English menu so language becomes less a problem. Check out my video and you will know what I mean.

Also the serve in Japan actually surprised me! Look at how big the bow is~~ The first shop I went to actually even offer free soft boiled eggs (they’ve got 4 eggs on the table so I guess if you want, you can eat all of them and be very full πŸ™ƒ). Below is the picture from the first shop.

The last thing I want to say is that most of the ramen in Japan is a bit salty (actually if you go to authentic places in Australia they are salty too…πŸ˜†) Some shops offer free soup to be added into the bowl, like that in my video; or you can tell the staff that you want less salty soup (which I believe they just add more water before they serve youπŸ––)

Anyway that’s my experience in having ramen in Japan. There are so many foods I wanted to try! Maybe I need to record everything (even the convenient store foods are very special and tasty) next time I go there!πŸ’–


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