Tivamoo in Japan – night tour @ Inari shrine

This is the 6th blog of my Japanese travel!😃 It’s amazing that I have only been there for 8 days but it turned out to be so much stuff to share~ if you are interested in other blogs from this trip, please find below index.


  1. Hep Five
  2. Himeji
  3. Kimono experience
  4. Kinkau-ji
  5. Uji
  6. Night tour of Inari shrine(this one)
  7. Eating ramen in Japan
  8. Speaking Japanese in Japan – frequently used words and some thoughts
  9. My shopping items from Japan (this might or might not happen; let’s see~)

The AirBNB I booked in Kyoto only allowed us to check in after 4 so when we arrived, there wasn’t too much time left for the day. Hence we decided to go somewhere… at night.🙃 Fushimi Inari shrine turned out to be our destination. I’ve been to there during the day last year, but a night trip was really different (and impressive). Some pictures first.

We are not alone to visit the shrine at night (it would be quite scary if we were the only ones😆). But compared to the daytime, there were far fewer people.


The 鳥居⛩ (とりい/ Torii) felt very different too… that’s my mum walking in the front. I like this picture a lot.😘 As said there were a couple other people walking with us, but not a lot.


Another difference is that there is no shop/ vendor at night (so if you plan do buy any souvenirs, don’t come at night). Everything was very peaceful. The fox plates and the shrine held so many stories from the prayers.

We spend around 1 hour there (taking pictures and walking through the shrines). The Inari stop is only 2 stops from the Kyoto station so we got back very easily.💖 Next time when I visit Kyoto (which I am sure it will happen again), I will pick up another temple to visit at night as it’s a very special experience.🖖


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