Tivamoo in Japan – Uji 宇治

Hello everyone~ as you might or might not know, I visited Japan for 8 days recently. Below are my blogs from this trip (or blogs I plan to write😉)


  1. Hep Five
  2. Himeji
  3. Kimono experience
  4. Kinkau-ji
  5. Uji (this one)
  6. Night tour of Inari
  7. Eating ramen in Japan
  8. Speaking Japanese in Japan – frequently used words and some thoughts
  9. My shopping items from Japan (this might or might not happen; let’s see~)

So Uji!

When we were at Kyoto we went to Uji. One of the reason is that Uji is one of the city on the JR line (and we hold JR pass🙃) and it’s very famous for the matcha, and I love Love LOVE matcha!😇

It turned out to be such a wise decision. If I need to rate, I will rate it as one of the best experiences I had during this Japan trip.💖 First let’s look at some pictures!


It is such a peaceful town with traditional Japanese buildings; moreover, it’s actually a very historical city. The Tale of Genji (源氏物語) happened in Uji (and Kyoto). Well I didn’t go to that museum as I haven’t read the book yet; maybe next time when I visit I will do some homework and go.😘

There are 3 things worth checking out in Uji, apart of just going and feeling the real Japanese town there.

1- 宇治上神社 (うじがみじんじゃ/うじかみじんじゃ/ Ujigami Shrine). It’s one of the UNESCO world’s heritage site. It’s known as the oldest example of nagare-zukuri style of shrine architecture in Japan, which was built around 1060 (that’s like 950 years ago!!😳)

Love the peacefulness there. One small recommendation: this shrine is located on top of a hill and it’s not easy to find. Just follow the signs in the town and it works better than the Google map.

2- 平等院 (びょうどういん/ Byodo-in). This place is again UNESCO world heritage site and was built more than 950 years ago.🙃 The central building (Hoo-do) actually appears at the back of 10 yen coin, and the phoenix on the building was printed at the back of 10000 yen note (unfortunately I haven’t even seen/ used it😆).

3- 中村藤吉 (なかむらとうきち/ Nakamuratokichi) Matcha shop. If you want to know how famous it is? When we arrived in Uji it was just past 9:30 and people started lining up in front of the shop (which opened at 10). We went for lunch at around 1:30 and waited for like 45 mins to get be seated, and some of the food was sold out already.

Recommendation/ lesson – go early in the morning to try the signature Matcha dessert. The matcha noodles were so good as well as the matcha ice.

All the 3 places including the way to get to there were very impressive and enjoyable. Me and my mum spent around 5 hours in the town and it was quite relaxing. Strongly recommend this place to everyone!❤️💛💙💚💜


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