Tivamoo’s kimono experience in Kyoto/ 京都着物

Some kimono pictures of me~😆❤️

I went to Gion in the afternoon and had the kimono there. The shop staff were very friendly and helped me to choose all accessories after I picked up the kimono pattern; they also did the hair for me (which costed another 1000 yen). Some recommendations:

  • Try to go in the morning. The kimono is rented for the day (needs to be returned by 6:30) so you have option to wear it for longer if you go early.
  • Don’t eat too much food. They will tighten the waist area when putting it on for you. If you have a full stomach, you would suffer a bit.
  • Choose an area carefully. If you are not used to walking in traditional shoes, Gion is a good area to try as there are shops for you to rest and most of roads are flat. If walking is not a problem for you, Kiyomizudera is good as the view is better, but there are a bit ups and downs.
  • Avoid carrying a lot of valuable stuff with you as you will be asked to leave the bag in the shop. You will be given a small bag but it doesn’t hold many things.

Sorry I don’t have a video of me wearing kimono. When I was in Gion, a group of Chinese tourists actually came over to take photos with me; so embarrassing!😅

💖 Check out this post for a quick guide to Himeji: https://tivamoo.wordpress.com/2017/09/21/tivamoo-in-japan-himeji-%E5%A7%AC%E8%B7%AF/


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