Tivamoo in Japan – Himeji 姬路

Apparently Himeji castle is one of the one 3 real castles from the that time (all the other ones are replicas)💖. When talking to my Japanese teacher, she said ‘oh Himeji castle! Hmm… that’s very… white hehehe~’ So I decided to go and visit this very white castle.

Video length: 1:31s

How to get there:

We took the JR to Himeji from Osaka. It stopped by Kobe so we went there too on the way back😅. As soon as we came out from the station, we saw the castle in front of us; it’s about 15 mins walk.


The first thing was to take tons of pictures; and everyone took tons of pictures.

We were lucky as the weather was good that day. If you ask I would recommend definitely go on the day when weather was good. It’s a bit walk from the station to the castle park and to the castle eventually, so when raining it can be a bit hassle. Also inside the castle you will be asked to take off your shoes. I reckon it’s not smart to carry wet shoes/ socks around. 💔

Inside the castle it’s really dark, and the old wooden style made me think ‘maybe there is a ninja hiding up there’.😆 Actually all the way up I couldn’t get rid of that idea. Surely I have watched too many Japanese dramas! 😐

As said above I were asked to take off the shoes. That area smelled a bit honestly BTW.  In fact, a lot of Japanese places (including the change room) require you to take of shoes. So everyone carries a plastic bag with their shoes to go around the castle… a bit funny view.🙃

Looking out from the window on the top, we saw the whole Himeji city. 🌟 I wondered when the owner built this castle, he must not have thought that a couple of hundred years later, the city would be like this.

On the top there is a shrine. I didn’t pray there as I didn’t know what it was for. Did some research afterwards and here you go: http://yokai.com/osakabehime/ honestly I still don’t know what it is for…😑

It’s a only a half-day trip so we rested a bit in the shopping mall next to the station. On the 3rd floor there is a matcha dessert shop, where we could eat ice cream and see the castle from the distance. 😘Pretty cool!

I will keep posting during the week so stay tuned!🙃❤️

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