Hep Five Ferris Wheel – my first day in Osaka!

Hello Osaka! 😘

So many people here!🌟 On the first day we went to some places around Osaka station because I wanted to go to Hep Five Ferris Wheel~ I really fell in love with that kind of stuff after visiting the Melbourne one😝

Hep Five Ferris Wheel is around 5 mins’ walk to the Osaka JR station. You can walk through underground or through shops, which can be more entertaining, but we walked from outside as it’s easier to find the way.

The building itself is a shopping mall, but mainly for young people.😶 So we didn’t spend too much time in the mall. We went straight up to the 7th floor for the Wheel. 💖

  • Ticket price: 500 yen per person.
  • Waiting time: around 10 mins for a Sunday afternoon. Assume it would be busier for the evening.
  • Duration: 15 mins.

I really loved the combination of the bright red colour and the steel pillars; it made me feel like I was mounting a fancy EVA.🙃 Also unlike the Melbourne one, each cabinet here was very small, which was ideal for couples…. like me and my mum🖖


The view of Osaka CBD was quite good from the top. Sadly the glass of the Hep Five Ferries Wheel is not very clear; I’ve added some filter on my pictures so they look much better, but the actual view was a bit… foggy feeling.😰


Anyway that was my first day in Osaka. My mum and I were really tired as we got up at 4:30 to catch the flight. We ended up buying some bento for dinner (which was really nice BTW🍱) and went to bed early…😴

I will post more updates during the week! Stay tuned~❤️



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