Shanghai street food – fried dumplings (Sheng Jian/ 生煎)

If you ask what’s my favourite food in Shanghai… hmmm I have to say I love pan fried dumplings (生煎/ Sheng Jian) the best. Actually in Australia, whatever ‘Shanghai dumpings’ I had, none of them were even close to authentic. Keep reading and see if you are also eating fake Shanghai dumplings~~😘

This is how the authentic ones look like; I can finish all of them in a meal. 😑

  • 1 serve: 4 dumplings
  • Price: 7 RMB (around 1.5 AUD)

Notice that the dumplings in Shanghai are fried up side down.🖖 This is to avoid the juice inside to come out. All the dumplings in Australia were fried at the wrong side.

Also we eat dumplings with vinegar, and ONLY with vinegar. In Australia they give soy source in the restaurant. How can you eat dumplings with soy source!😵

My video on how the dumplings were made and ordered in Shanghai. Have a look! Video length: 1:19s.

The other thing is that, dumplings are not fried buns. The wrap are supposed to be very thin, and the fried side should be crispy.❤️ That’s actually the best part of the food~

Know I managed to make myself really hungry…😝 anyway I am leaving for Japan today for a week so stay tuned for more updates!


3 thoughts on “Shanghai street food – fried dumplings (Sheng Jian/ 生煎)

  1. Rose says:

    7 RMB is so cheap to me!! In Canada, we get mediocre tasting dumplings for like $4 instead of $1.30 CAD. These dumplings look delicious, and it’s so cool how they are fried upside down. The juices make it look very pleasing. I’ve been to Shanghai for a short while before but I don’t think I tried their dumplings. I ate other foods though. 🙂

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