Some lip products of mine~

Because I am in this very wonderful and mysterious China, I don’t have access to YouTube or FB so… this week there is no video upload☹️~ but I do have something to share!

That is… my lip colours💄! I don’t write a lot of product reviews so bear with me if it’s not good enough. But I want to talk about this mainly because it’s one of the essentials in my life (with foundation and eyeliner being the other 2)🤗.


Background: my lips are very sensitive; by very sensitive I mean, if I use any drug store products, it can irritate my lips and make them very itchy💔. So all products below are NOT from drug store. Also my skin tone goes very well with red colours but no nude colors, so all my products are from red to very red collection. Keep reading if that’s what you are after.

I brought 4 lip products with me this trip, they all have very beautiful colours so I won’t talk more about colour, but more from usability perspective. Apart from the YSL one, I use the rest 3 almost every day.

  • YSL
  • Dior
  • MAC
  • Fresh

1- YSL lip gloss. I bought it last year but sadly haven’t used it often. Everything is really good with this one BUT the applicator. It’s very hard to apply and I always have to do a lot of clean up😰. On YouTube there are lots of review saying this one is easy to apply blahblah, not sure where it went wrong with me.


2- Dior lip gloss. This is the most used lip gloss. It’s very easy to apply and I can do it even without a mirror. It’s not too shiny, not too sticky and it stays. Basically ideal product for everyday use.


3- MAC. My second MAC lip stick of this series. I use it more like a lip balm.😙 Again this one also stays very well and it’s very moisture. The package is very compact (unlike the above 2) so it fits well in everywhere.🤘


4- Fresh. Well I have a very mixed feeling towards this one😐. The texture is so creamy that in summer I feel it’s going to melt soon. The bright side is that it’s very easy to apply. The colour goes onto your lips so easy, but it goes off the same easy. As soon as I eat something, it comes off (and leaves a clear lips mark on the cup).😵 Saying that though, this is the only product of above 4 that I can use on my cheeks; to some extent, it works better on my cheeks – the colour looks super natural and it stays the whole day! The second picture shows how it looks on my cheeks and lips.



Hope it makes sense! If you have any question regarding any particular product, please leave a message below~ Thanks!💖


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