Japanese notes – a review on a review test

As promised, I am writing another Japanese blog (while I am not taking class 😜). The good news (for me) is that before starting the next lesson, I found that in the book I needed to do a review test. So…. let’s talk about this review test!

Most of the questions are pretty straightforward to me🙃. I do find 2 areas which I need to improve.

1 – position🍇. It’s amazing how easy I can forget about things when not using them often. Here is my blog about position. It’s literally only 2 months ago and I cannot spell ひだり and そと correctly, plus I need 3 seconds to recall what’s あいだ. 😨FAIL~

  • On: うえ
  • Under: した
  • In front of: まえ
  • Behind: うしろ
  • Right: みぎ
  • Left: ひだり
  • In: なか
  • Outside: そと
  • Next to: となり
  • Close to: ちかく
  • Between: あいだ

Lesson learned – I know I said I will start daily dairy in Japanese but it never happened. Let’s kick if off.

2 -dialog (会話表現). This is basically just the daily talking dialogs in the text book, like what to say when you go shopping, or visit someone’s home.🖖 Even though I won’t be too stressed if I cannot get it 100% according to the textbook, it’s good to remember a lot of them. For example:

  • To decline an invitation: 残念ですが(ざんねんですが)、followed by the reason. また 今度 お願いします(また こんど おねがいします。)。 It means, although it’s really a shame, but I cannot because blahblahblah. Maybe next time.
  • To see and buy something: すみません。その productを 見せてください。。。じゃ、これを ください。It means, excuse me, can I please have a look at that product? Well, please get this one for me.

Lesson learned – watch more Japanese dramas and animations! 💖 Dialogs are just easier to remember if you hear them often. Not living in that language environment, maybe this is the only way you can get exposed to it.



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