PRINCE2 – tips for passing exams (both foundation and practitioner)!

I’ve finished my PRINCE2 foundation + practitioner course today and passed both exams… YAY!❤️ So I’d like to share some experience with you on the PRINCE 2 training. It’s not about the training itself; it’s more about how to get the most of the course and pass exam.

What’s PRINCE2 – it’s (I believe) ‘PRoject IN Controlled Environment’. Refer to my last blog on one of the reflection I had from the course.

My background: I am not a project manager; I am more a ‘senior user’ in PRINCE2 term. My recommendation is 🍊🍊🍊 the course is definitely very helpful on anyone working on a project (by clearing up responsibility and providing insights on overall planning techniques), but don’t do it if you don’t have any experience or exposure at all. A lot of contents only make sense when you relate them to your life.

About the exam: the 5-day course had foundation exam on Day 3 and practitioner exam on Day 5. Both exams are multiple choices (in practitioner it might come in the format of matching), and the foundation one is close book 😟 and the practitioner one is open book😀. By all means focus on the first 3 days. Personally I spent some decent time revising on both morning and evening in the first 3 days – this include reading the training handouts and the manual, plus doing both sample tests on the handout (I am a very serious learner, see?😅).

  • Foundation exam: it focuses a lot on the structure of PRINCE2, and the main knowledge points tested are: minimum requirements of each theme, responsibilities of who does what, and management products of each theme (i.e. documents produced at each theme). By all means read everything related to above. At the end you will find some patterns and makes it easier to remember. DO ALL SAMPLE PAPERS. I did above and got 49 out of 60 (which is 82 out of 100).
  • Practitioner exam: it focuses a lot on application. Actually it’s nothing but application – it’s like doing those comprehensive tests where you read an article, and answer some questions from there. The article is fairly short😘 (so don’t worry if you are not good reader), but the questions can be tricky and sometimes play with wording a bit. We actually had 5 people re-sit in the exam as they failed in the first attempt. So it’s quite tough. 3 recommendations:
    • make sure that the answer makes sense to the case in the question. Sometimes it will give you a right statement but less relevant to the situation, which still doesn’t make it the answer.
    • if you are not sure, just close your eye and picture you working on the project and question what’s your next best action and why. It works 95% time (if you are as good at work as me LOL)
    • you don’t need to do all sample papers as it tests application anyway (maybe do one to give you a feel of the structure of the exam)

Some other notes: when you register the exam, it will ask about your native language. Select other languages than English will give you extra time in the exam. You can chose not to use them but it’s a peace of mind to have it.🙃

That’s all I want to share guys. Happy learning!

My Japanese notes will come back next week BTW (as if people really care about it LOL🙄). I will be from my self learning but hope it’s note too bad!


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