PRINCE2 note – management by exception

No Japanese notes this week~~πŸ˜‘

However I do have some notes from my training. In case you are curious – I am taking a PRINCE2 training this week. It does have a nice name but it doesn’t train you to be a prince or marry a prince (sad) πŸ™ƒ; it’s a project management course. Now I am not a project manager but I have to say it provided me with great insight on my work and even life.

Today I want to talk about the term ‘management by exception‘. Basically what it means is that you set boundaries to the team – as long as the outcome is within the boundaries, they’ve got the authority to make decision (and stuff up as much as they want); as soon as they foresee (not when it happens, but foresee the possibility) expected outcome go beyond boundaries, they need to let you know.

It’s a good technique to empower the staff while control the outcome; actually I would even call it a win-win approach.

For the team member, who wants to be micro managed?πŸ’” No one! Using this technique each staff would have power and make their own decision as long as stays in the boundary. It helps them to grow and get exposure to new stuff too (and hopefully they can learn from it).

For a manager it frees you up from daily job and enables you to pay attention to more important stuff (like writing a blogπŸ˜‚). It magnifies the output too – imagine you can only do that much by yourself, but if you train up and manage a good team, you can achieve 10 times more. Moreover, as team members are benefited, they are happier at work!πŸ˜‰

The training didn’t cover how to define boundaries as I guess it’s very specific to what area you work in, but hope you get what I mean and find it helpful.πŸ’•



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