My Melbourne Star Observation Wheel trip and some tips!

Hello everyone~ It’s Sunday morning 8 AM here in Melbourne (so early!)…🍞🍳 Before we start today’s blog, I want to first let you know that I will be in a training next week and then away (to China and Japan) for 2 weeks. So my blog will not follow the expected schedule😥 but I will try to upload as much as I can!💖

Today’s video is about the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. I’ve seen it so many times and finally got up there…🦋 Video length: 1:29

Although Melbourne is not as massive as Shanghai (I will share some Shanghai pictures this time back) but it’s stunning enough. Look at my new gallery ‘Friday Night @ Melb‘😅🙃


Here are some tips🍒 (or dos and don’ts whatever you want to call it)~

  • The night view🌃 is definitely so much better than the day view.
  • Plan the trip by checking sunset time vs opening hours. Note that it opens till 7PM from May – Aug (winter in Melb) and till 10 from Sept to April.
  • BAG! If your bag is larger than an A3 paper, you cannot take it onto the wheel. Leave it in your car or the container outside the gate (it’s just a container, no lock).
  • Time lapse is a good idea. It’s so cool😎… (00:50 in my video).
  • If you’ve got a decent camera, bring it with you🖖. As it’s night view, a good camera makes a big difference.


  • Similarly, as it’s night view, don’t expect clear picture of yourself. You have to do a lot of editing to even make you visible.
  • The whole trip takes around 30-40 mins and it moved so slowly and smoothly that I didn’t even feel it went up (so it’s not like roller coaster🎢).
  • There is a air con inside the cell – so even though it’s winter now, I took off my coat later.

Hmmm that’s almost everything I can think about🎡🐽. It’s actually a good idea as a birthday present or a Valentine’s day surprise.

Good luck guys and enjoy the trip!🌹

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