Japanese notes – how to say ‘the most’ (superlative) in Japanese?

こんばんは😇~ tonight we are going to talk about the superlative form for adjectives 🙃in Japanese. This would probably be the last post on Japanease adjectives for a while. Check below index to refer to all the past posts:

The superlative form is actually quite simple. Let’s have a look at the examples (trying to think about examples as I have only 2 dogs 😅🐽):

  • In a week, I like Saturday the most! (I wish it’s Saturday now~❤️)
  • 一週間土曜日がいちばん好きです。

Basically in Japanese, ‘いちばん‘ is used to indicate the superlative; it’s equivalent to ‘the most’ in English, apart that it can be used for all adjectives. And if you want to say ‘among xxx’, you can use ‘‘.

Let’s practise with another example:

  • Among all the foods, Ramen is the most yummy one. (🍜 read my blog on ramen)
  • 色々な食べ物ラーメンがいちばんおいしいです。

Easy. Isn’t it…


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