Order your Ramen in Japanese!

Welcome to Tivamoo’s blog🦊~ Today is Tuesday so if we go by schedule, it’s Japanese night again! But… well…. drama happens……..💔 my Monday class got cancelled this week (not sure if the teacher has had enough of us) so hmm… I don’t have new content (again.😅)

Since yesterday I’ve been thinking about what I should write for today. One of the thing come to my mind, and hopefully you guys would be interested too, is the Ramen menu in Japanese. In case you don’t know – I am really a ramen lover🍜! (Video length: 1:53)

The menu I want to talk about is 一蘭ラーメン(いちらんラーメン). It’s very popular in Japan; last time I went to Osaka there was a long queue so I didn’t go. But I will definitely go next time😇!

Without further ado, let’s go! (That’s like my YouTube script LOL). Below is the menu from the ramen shop. From top line it reads:



  • 初めての方は“基本”(秘伝のたれは1/2倍)がお勧めです
  • For the first time, we advise that you select basic (secret sauce 1/2 serve).
  • 味の濃さ:うす味 基本 こい味
  • taste of the soup: light/ normal/  heavy
  • こってり度:なし あっさり 基本 こってり 超こってり
  • richness of the soup: no oil/ light/ normal/ rich/ super rich
  • にんにく:なし 少々 基本(1/4片分) 1/2片分 1片分
  • garlic: no garlic/ a little bit/ basic (1/4 slice)/ 1/2 slice/ 1 slice
  • ねぎ:なし 白ねぎ 青ねぎ
  • spring onion: no spring onion/ white spring onion/ green spring onion
  • チャーシュー:なし あり
  • Chashu (pork slice): no/ yes (huh… who will say no to the pork slice?!😆😆)
  • 秘伝のたれ:なし 1/2倍 基本 2倍 (  倍)10倍までは無料でお選びいただけます。
  • secret sauce: no/ half serve/ standard serve/ double serve/ x serves <- please select up till 10 serves for free
  • 麺のかたさ:超かた かため 基本 やわめ 超やわ
  • hardness of noodle: super hard/ hard noodle/ basic/ soft noodle/ super soft

Some key words🍊:

  • 基本/ きほん:basic
  • 秘伝/ ひでん:secret recipe
  • なし:none/ nil
  • 超/ ちょう:super

以上 – hope you enjoy the ramen! If you have Ramen place in your area, you can even try to order in Japanese~🍥

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