Eat, drink and have fun @ Melbourne Winter Night Market

As you guys know, it’s winter at the moment in Australia❄️… so while you are enjoying sunshine and beach, we are here… having fun @ Melbourne Winter Night Market!⭐️😆 A lot of food and desserts and drinks and performance.🌈 What can I complain about?!😘

Video length: 1:55

Official website here:

Some quick facts:

  • Location: Queen Victoria market
  • Open time: Every Wednesday night 5PM – 10PM
  • Event time: 7 Jun 2017 – 4 Oct 2017

I went there on Wednesday after work (so arrived at around 6PM) and it was OK. It started getting busy at around 7 and there were long lines at almost every stand. So recommendation #1 – go as early as possible. Otherwise get prepared for the long queue. (Saying that though some performances won’t start until late, so…😅)

Food wise, most of the food are made on site, so it’s quite fun to watch them making exotic food.🌶 Most of the food we tried tasted OK (nothing outstanding but OK to eat), and I didn’t have high expectation anyway. The serving size is… HUGE! 🐘We ended up eating only 3 stands simply because we were so full. Recommendation #2 – skip your lunch or go with your friends so that you can share and try more stuff.

Last recommendation #3 – bring some cash! Food is not cheap there.💔 Most of the food are around $15+, and a lot of stands are cash only as you can expect. Plus there are actually more stuff than food~

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