A tale of (working in) two cities – 3/3

Today is the third and last session of my series A Tale of Working in Two Cities (finally)~ if you haven’t read the previous posts… please find them here💖

Before we start today’s topic, I want to say R.I.P. to my wallet…. I lost it yesterday; so sad…😢💔

3… 2… 1…

OK today let’s talk about changing jobs – to change or not to change, it’s a question.😆 What I write below is a bit subjective; please feel free to leave it in comment if you think otherwise!

Honestly in Shanghai, very few people would think too much about job security. If restructure happens, people will just happily take package and find another job.🙃 Plus people change job more often and easily as soon as they are not happy with the current status. So job change is much easier and happens more often.

In Australia, firstly people talk about job security a lot; having a stable job comes as a priority over lot of other things.😅💰Also lots of people prefer to stay in the same role years after years because they value the work and life balance + job security at work. So job change is a quite big decision.

There are a couple of reasons for it…🍇🍊

  1. The opportunities are simply more in China🤘. A lot of companies open their headquarters in Shanghai, so people easily find similar roles and competitive package; there is always a job for you.
  2. People in China have less living pressure. The living cost is fairly high in Shanghai honestly, but because most of us are the (very precious) only child at home, the family can easily support us if something happens for our job😘.
  3. Relate back to my last post on working culture. Most of employees don’t feel themselves as part of the company, so there is little sense of loyalty to the company back in Shanghai.

Hope it makes sense. As said it’s mostly my observation so please feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks for reading and have a nice day! XOXO

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