Japanese notes – comparative!

I am at lesson 12 now on the book みなの日本語👏🎏! One summary before we go into this week’s (awesome) content. I find the biggest challenge is spontaneously using past weeks’ vocabulary (grammar is OK) 😢 in conversations. For example it took me noticeable longer time to use words from lesson 7 (give/ receive verbs) and lesson 8 (adjectives)😢😢… I guess I will need to speak more in everyday life😢😢😢.

Anyway coming back to what’s new this week 🙃 – we are learning ‘comparative‘ for adjectives. The good news💖 is that it’s way easier than English (considering the number of irregular adjectives we have in English!) and the sad news is that it takes some time to get used to it.


Rules as below:

  • MapleはJaxより大きいです。(Maple is bigger than Jax.)
    So ‘-er than’ is just a ‘より’ following the second noun.
  • Q: JaxとMapleとどちらが大きいですか。(Jax and Maple, which one is bigger?)
    Note that it needs to be どちら even though the subject is a person (so no だれ).
  • A1: Mapleのほうが大きいです。(Maple is.)
  • A2: どちらも大きいです。(Both of them are big.)

Hope it all makes sense🖖. As said the rule itself is not hard, but it does take some practice to master it. I am planning to start a Japanese diary actually and hope it helps🌈.

As a side note – in the question and answer sentence, が needs to be used (rather than は). See more tips on が and は, please check here. (It’s very useful so please have a read!⭐️)


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