Happy Feet! Fun time @ Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life~ I don’t have a car these days but luckily the aquarium is close to the city so I can go there by public transport😌🙃. I was hesitating as the ticket is a bit pricy but it turned out to be worth the money ❤️🦈!!

Check out highlight of the trip – video length 2:02:

It’s more than only tanks of fishes at the aquarium😃. Even if you don’t want to go for additional activities such as diving with shark or glass bottom boat, there are still a lot AMAZING creatures to see. For example, look at those sea eel, jelly fish and sea stars

I really love that jelly fish – I think it looks like some alien creature😝🖖! Also there are some big animals, like devil fish and crocodile. Check out the video and you can get a feel of how HUGE that crocodile is🐊!

And of course, the very cute penguins🐧🐧🐧! They are like the star of the day.

Some recommendations of the trip:

  • Buy ticket online @ https://www.melbourneaquarium.com.au/tickets/ – there is a discount if you buy ticket online and you can jump the queue at the entry. For all the right reasons you just need to do it.🍊
  • Go early – it’s actually really busy. I can only imagine that it’s going to get even worse if it’s raining⛈. With the crowd you will have to wait to see animals – I spent at least 10 mins at crocodile as there was no spot close to the window.
  • Wear comfortable shoes👠👠 (well maybe not this one) – it’s a bit of walk in the SeaLife with lots of ups and downs… so get prepared for the stairs.

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