A tale of (working in) two cities – 2/3

Friday😘! Finally I got back home now as it was pretty busy…. so let’s get straight into the topic and talk again about the difference between working in Shanghai and in Australia. If you missed my last blog on this topic, you can find it here.💖


Difference: company culture.

It’s quite obvious that if you work in headquarters, the feeling that you are part of the company is stronger.🐰🐥 What it means is that…

For example, back in Shanghai (I worked for an IT company headquartered in US), we don’t know much about the company strategy🐽. Actually we were never keen to find it out (or care about it). Consequently and sadly we were not proactive or innovative enough in our role. There was a lack of spirit to ask a ‘why’ and challenge status of quo. We do work for sake of completing that task. (hmmm that actually explains some behaviour from our offshore team now….)

Here in Australia ☀️ (BTW I work for an Australia owned company), in contrast, we are well aware (brainwashed) of the company strategy (it’s just everywhere, in all the meetings 🙃💝). I feel that I am part of the company and have my thoughts on many decisions. Immediately in my daily job, I (and my colleagues) will try to come up with optimal solution, and think about customer experience, revenue impact etc naturally in our daily role.

I personally don’t know if there is a good way to resolve this💔, now that lots of companies want to go offshore. A more realistic way would be to have right expectation (cough😉) and set up good management team in that country. Anyway that’s a whole new topic and maybe I will write a blog on it.🍒

Hope it makes sense… thanks for reading guys (XOXO💕) and if there is anything want to hear about, please leave it in comments!!

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