Wallace & Gromit and Friends exhibition @ ACMI

Honestly if you ask me what’s the best season in Melbourne, I probably cannot answer you straight away… but I know it’s definitely NOT WINTER💔!! It’s so cold and wet 🌧🌧 here so nothing is better than visiting a fascinating exhibition to cheer up yourself and stay warm and dry (like 🌵 and 🌻~)

So I went to this Wallace & Gromit and Friends exhibition at ACMI yesterday and it’s really cool😇🙃!! It’s the first time I heard about Aardman (I know… yeah?) but I ended up watching 2 movies from them since I came back from the exhibition. The way how the models and sketches were built and how those inventions came onto screen… it’s just impressive and inspiring!㊙️💖 Video length: 2:10.

You can find location, opening hours and ticket information from their official website: 👉 Wallace & Gromit and Friends: The Magic of Aardman @ ACMI so I won’t spend too much time on it. Let’s look at the real pictures (BTW they are very generous that you can as many pictures/ videos as you like~😃🌟)

Below are all real models made from the clay😶! I have no idea how they can make it so… vivid. At the end of the exhibition they will give you some clay to play with and you will notice the light-year distance between you and the masters in one sec (actually maybe even sooner than that😣😅).

I like this one with the sketches and comments a lot!😍


Some recommendation:

  • the exhibition gets a bit busy in the afternoon so better go in the morning.
  • bring your camera but no flash. It’s a bit dark inside so not the best for portrait pictures.
  • if you haven’t watched any movies, watch those 3 before you go. It’s not only because it makes so much more sense to link the models back to the model, but more importantly!!! if you don’t watch the movie beforehand, you will be spoiled!🐰🐣🍇
    • The Pirates! Band of Misfits

    • The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
    • Chicken Run
  • at the end of the exhibition, you will be given 2 clays (yellow/ black/ purple color) and 5 mins to make a character and be transformed into a movie. It’s not a lot of time so I made mine in a rush – it’s a really cool activity👍 but could have been better if I had known it earlier.💖

Hope you enjoy this post. If there is any food/ events you’d love to know more about, leave it in the comments and Tivamoo will find it out for you!

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