A tale of (working in) two cities – 1/3

Now that I have moved to Melbourne for 7.5 years (WOW that’s long time😅)… let’s talk about some differences between working here vs in Shanghai. I will write it in 3 blogs and this is 1/3.

Background: without exposing my age😜, let’s just say that I’ve worked at the same role in both Shanghai and Melbourne for a couple of years.🙃

So~ difference 1 – names.

Big difference… almost every Chinese working for an international company has an English name, and they are so special 😂 Some popular female names including: Elaine (honestly I’ve never met a single Elaine here), Betty (hmmm…), Echo (well…), Jessica, Michelle (this is quite popular), Christine/ Christy, Flora. Most popular male names including: Jeff (so many Jeff’s), Bob, Aaron, Robin, Alex, Kevin (again so many Kevin’s)…

Well if your name happens to be on the list – don’t get me wrong; surely it’s still a good and very attractive name… We are only talking about ‘rarity’, not ‘quality’ here. 😇😅

Interesting enough, lots of Chinese here don’t use English name (like myself and some of my colleagues).  In regards to English name, here I’ve got more than 2 colleagues in below name… Note that most of my colleagues are between 30-50 here so you might see different trends at school.

  • Female names🍎: Sarah, Kelly, Amanda, Erin, Natalie, Melissa
  • Male names🍐: Andrew (you’ve got a different Andrew on every meeting), Paul, Michael, Steve (lots of Steve’s), Josh, Sean.

An elephant in name of a dog

As I said, I myself don’t have an English name here. I am not particularly bothered by it (maybe my colleagues are though LOL) expect for the coffee time (check my blog on coffee name😘). Saying that though if your name has ‘Yu’, ‘Xu’, ‘Zhu’ etc then get prepared that they won’t be said correctly in most cases, so better get a local name!

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11 thoughts on “A tale of (working in) two cities – 1/3

      • Lovely says:

        wow… thats a good plan. may i ask if there are many international school there in Australia? or academy that needs even not native teachers?


      • tivamoo says:

        Well I came here really late so not sure about the school side of the thing. But I believe there is a demand of IELTS teachers. As long as you have certificate and proven experience, it shouldn’t be too much problem whether you are native speaker or not (based on my judgement of Australia working culture). Besides I think you guys speak very good English in Philippines so shouldn’t be a problem at all!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lovely says:

        AH.. I am taking up my masters degree now in ESL. haha.. We’re are studying bout IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL too. 🙂
        That’s nice to hear. Oh Thank you! ^o^ How did you know. Do you have Filipino friends? 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • tivamoo says:

        Yeah I know one Filipino friend and I was told that the reason why lots of offshore goes to Philippine because of the good English accent in there 🙂

        Good on you to take master degree in ESL! You should start a blog series on it; would be interesting! ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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