Show your love – let’s visit RSPCA!

This week’s post would be full of LOVE! ❤️ I went to RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) adoption centre yesterday and met the cats 😺 there – I want to encourage anyone who reads this post: if you are thinking about having a pet, please consider adoption first!

Of course I am not jus talking – I myself has 2 dogs adopted and they have been part of my family and life for 5 years now. With that said, if you have any question regarding adoption or post adoption life, please leave a comment below.🙃😘

Check out below video to experience RSPCA Melbourne and spend some time with the cats there. Video length: 2:02.

There are several benefits from adoption. You are definitely sharing your love and save a little life. Some of the animals has been abandoned and mistreated☹️😵😢 previously so your care means a lot to them. Besides, RSPCA adoption centre has done a great job in

  • Giving professional advice in adoption. Every pet there has their persona and tells you their age and experience. Plus, you will also be advised whether he/ she needs to be the only pet at home, or whether they can get along with other kids. This is very important for both the pet and the new owner – you know, like looking at the profile before going on a blind date.😉
  • Making sure the pets are safe, healthy and happy. All the pets are kept in very spacious room (better than my bedroom, so jealous!💔). For dogs the staff walk them daily; for cats, all types of toys are available in the room. Some new arrivals might have infections, and the adoption centre will quarantine them and treat them.
  • Getting the pets ready for adoption. RSPCA helps you (actually your pet, not you🐽) to do the desex, chip and vaccination upon adoption. I remember when I adopted Maple, she was a stray dog; the adoption centre did everything (cannot remember how long it took, sorry🐣) to get her ready to come home.

Some disclaimers (as I work for a company with a lot of T&C’s on every communication🍑): all above comments are from my personal observation and experience. Click here to know more facts about RSPCA:

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