Japanese notes – speak like a ninja

These days I am watching a Japanese history drama – Sanadamaru (真田丸). The reason I am watching this is because it’s led by one of my favourite actor – Sakai Masato (堺雅人, I seriously love him so so so so much😍❤️!!). And the reason I want to write this today is…. I didn’t go to Japanese class yesterday so no class notes~🙃


🎏Story: basically it tells a story of a commander during the Sangoku Era in Japan, from his early years till his last battle. Honestly the whole story is a bit complicated with different countries and forces, but because I know most of the actors/ actresses, it’s relatively easy to follow.

Coming back to the topic of Japanese learning 🍥 – let’s pick up some frequently used phrases from the drama. Some of the words would be so particular to that era but I find it’s interesting to know (to cosplay at home😉😝). So please imagine you live in Sangoku Era before you keep reading~

  • 御屋形様 (おやかたさま): this is like ‘Your Majesty~‘.
  • 御意 (ぎょい): this is like ‘As you wish~‘.
  • 武士 (ぶし): Japanese warrior
  • 頼む (たのむ): to request/ beg someone to do something.
  • 旦那様 (だんなさま): this is ‘Mr. Husband‘.
  • かしこまりました: this is a very polite way to say ‘I understand’.
  • もちろん: of course!

My translation might not be 100% accurate as it’s hard to find the equivalent to Japanese in English. But if you dress up in Kimono and speak above words, you cannot go too wrong with that feeling!㊙️


P.S. – I am sorry that I don’t have a proper notes from class today, but hope the content is still interesting and please check out this drama as the actor is just….. ❤️💛 even my Japanese teacher loves him!

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7 thoughts on “Japanese notes – speak like a ninja

  1. locksleyu says:

    Interesting post, I haven’t read/watched too much old-era Japanese era, but it’s a different world!

    One note about your list of terms, I think only the first two are really era-terms, the others are still used very commonly in modern times. In particular, I remember reading in 御意 a historical short story the other day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • tivamoo says:

      Haha thanks for the comment! Definitely try some 大河ドラマ. They are a bit long and slow but the scene and consume is so beautiful in old era.

      I actually even saw 御意 in one of other modern drama. But it’s spoken in a very hierarchical environment to the top level boss. 🙂


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